Project Cybertronic is a zero gravity 3rd Person Sci-Fi online multiplayer shooter in the style of a battle arena game.

The game is still in pre-alpha development.

You are a soldier with a special space suit. Equipped with a jet pack, steering nozzles, magnetic boots and a gun.
In zero gravity you will accelerate on maneuvers like never before. Fly and fight in the void of space. Snap to and walk on walls, ceilings or any kind of surfaces with your magnetic boots to take cover and to dynamically recharge your jet pack. Trade your skill with other players or join the team to infiltrate gigantic battleships. Choose your weapon, use special items and dominate with your real abilities.

The future is in space and Earth-Alliance needs you.



The Project will continue

After more than half a year project break, we continue project cybertronic from now on. We aim to realize the new character design and additional maneuverability. At the same time we are working on a clean online gaming experience. If Character and the online feature...

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Pause for an indefinite time

In the last few months, a lot of power has been needed to get as far as we are now. We have revised our game concept, made many development tests, web page, social networks and a first crowdfunding campaign. Now it's time for a break. How long is still unclear, but it...

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Free pre-Alpha download

Because we want to give you a better insight into our project, we provide a playable version. The game is still incomplete, but we hope you see the potential in it. If yes, support us on Indiegogo, share or like the project on our social networks. If you have...

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I’m the inventor and the driving force of Project Cybertronic. Science fiction is my big passion. After my studies as a game artist I can not let go of the vision of a unique game for the world that I would like to play myself. The idea of Cybertronic has a lot of potential and opens up many new gameplay possibilities. Especially because more and more developers and players are enthusiastic about it and that gives me the strength to advance the project.

Anton aka Spyjack

Helping Friends



Level Design / Coding



3D Art


J J Fox

3D Art



Producing / Coding



3D Art



Web Coding



Concept Art



Server Admin / Coding



Concept Art / 3D Art



Sound Design



3D Art



UI / UX Design



3D Art


Karsten X