Good news for all curious development followers: The public test phase of the new prototype has started!

Some progressive developments have been made after almost a year since the Steam version was released …

Change Log Server/Client 4.2a

  • Usable Big Ship.
  • Big Ship Turret and Navigation Mode.
  • Distructable Ship parts.
  • Main Menu removed Serverlist, added direct button for official server.

Change Log Server/Client 3-1

  • Character import Space Soldier

Change Log Server/Client 2-9

  • Hotfix elemination message player name
  • Gunship message if a player is already in

Change Log Server/Client 2-8

  • Hotfix collision on Moving Objects

Change Log Server/Client 2-7

  • Hotfix Rocket Launcher damage to Gunship

Change Log Client 2-6

  • Hotfix Server List Refresh Button

Change Log Server/Client Build 2-5

  • Added own hosting (Host Game and Server only)
  • Added Global Server List (temporarily)
  • Level second usable Gunship instance
  • Targeting System Gunship name
  • CT executable icon and mouse cursor

Change Log Server/Client Build 2-4

  • Added Rocket Launcher with guided rockets
  • Targeting System mark main target
  • Added Weapon choise on row numbers (1-2)
  • Added custom nickname
  • Fixed Gunship stearing sensibility

Change Log Server/Client Build 2-2

  • Usable Prototype Gunship in Level
  • Fixed Beamshot Sound

Change Log Server/Client Build 2-1

  • Fixed In-Game Menu
  • Fixed Laser Beam Bug on low FPS
  • Fixed Feet Snapping
  • Added Main Menu Background

Change Log Server/Client Build 2

  • Fixed walking through walls on moving surfaces.
  • Added “Charged Shot” and “Laser Beam” fire modes.
  • Aiming zoom.

Change Log Server/Client Build 1-4 & 5

  • Targeting System multiple marks.
  • Fixed multiple points for elimination.
  • Camera focuses on eliminated player.

Change Log Client Build 1-3

  • Fixed display match menu in main menu.
  • Targeting System selection by area on screen.
  • Targeting System GUI color and name.

Change Log Client Build 1-2

  • Targeting system.
  • Display Ping.

Change Log Basic Build 1-1

  • Fixed First Person View.
  • Main Menu screen alignment.

Change Log Build 1

  • Character relative locomotion on moving objects (flying spaceship
    and physical debris).
  • Character independent view control to compensate motion sickness.
  • Character Runtime IK (aiming, hand, feeds).
  • Character respawn when eliminated.
  • Character Ragdoll when eliminated.
  • Character weapons recoil.
  • Character friction simulation.
  • Multiplayer official running linux server.
  • Multiplayer basis, use of new library Mirror Networking.
  • Multiplayer lag compensation by server-side authority and client-side prediction.
  • Restart match when the target score is reached (death match).

We hope that you can help us with the development and test the game yourself and provide feedback.

Download the Client Version here and get started.

At the moment there is only one official EU server available, but you can make an own Host for your region.

Have fun! 🙂