The new basic version of Project Cybertronic is on the way to the public test phase. Because we need more feedback and do not have the means worldwide to provide enough servers for players at the moment. We are working on to make the new basic prototype version publicly free available for everyone in this year 2020. We want that everyone can create a server or join a match on a running test server. So everyone can contribute to creating a larger community and thus promote the project with little effort. Together we can work on it to make it ready for the Alpha Phase. While after the prototype phase we will probably only update the paid version. Some day we have to turn it into a paid version, because its our big dream to have a game studio we can live with. So far, we have not yet received any income from the Steamstore, as the minimum payment budget of has not yet been reached. It would be enough for 2 license buyers now, and that would give us a big motivation boost, since we have not yet made any income from the project after 5 years of development. When the time comes, it has to be celebrated 🙂

We thank everyone who shows us in some way that they appreciate the project and we want to inspire you even more.

Happy new year!