Mac OS X



This game offered for free download is a pre-alpha in the early stage of development. We provide it because the whole project builds on a new foundation and we are happy for every test player who gives us feedback. We need YOU to develop Project Cybertronic!

Now you have the possibility to simply host your own game. Your opened game will be displayed in the global server list for each Cybertronic player.

Host a game:

If you want to run the game as host or server you will need to port forward the port 7777 in your router to allow outside connections into your game server instance. Some residental connections may block port forwarding, contact your ISP for more Information. Connecting as a client does not require port forwarding.

Offical Server:

So far there is one official EU server non-stop available. If you can´t find the official server in the Server List, then it could be because maintenance work is being carried out. 

I wish you a lot of fun and hope for your support to make Cybertronic to a complete game!



Fly Mode Control

W = Forward

S = Backward

A = Left

D = Right

C = Up

SPACE = Down

Q = Left Pitch

E = Right Pitch

TAB = Switch Stabilizer


All Mode Control

ALT = Switch Movement Modes

Left Mouse Button = Fire

Right Mouse Button = Zoom / Mark Targets

V = First / Third Person View

ESC = Open Menu

F = Switch Fire Modes

X = Get in / out vehicle

1 = Use Laser Gun

2 = Use Rocket Launcher




Walk Mode Control

W = Forward

S = Backward

A = Side Step Left

D = Side Step Right

W + SHIFT = Run / Snap on Wall

W + SHIFT + CTRL = Slide

SPACE = Jump