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Free pre-alpha Cybertronic Game – build 19.9

This game offered for download is a pre-alpha in the early stage of development. It´s a no-budget-passion-project.

We currently do not have a running online server, but you can create your own and wait until a player enters your match.
We currently recommend to simply starting a game alone on “Play and Host”, unless you have a friend who plays with you.

  • For the Match Making we use a free Unity Unet account in which 1-3 Players can play without abort. If there are more players in a match, a connection lost could be happen till playing.  You will be suddenly return to the main menu.
  • If you have problems entering a game, restart the application completely and navigate directly to the desired game mode (without detours).

Nevertheless, we wish you a lot of fun and hope for your support to make Cybertronic to a complete game.

Download for Windows: