Mac OS X


This game offered for free download is a pre-alpha in the early stage of development. We provide it because the whole project builds on a new foundation and we are happy for every test player who gives us feedback. We need YOU to develop Project Cybertronic!

There is a Online and Solo mode you can choose from in the main game menu.

In Online mode you can join directly a running EU server. If you meet someone else you can chase them and try to reach the goal of 10 eliminations.

In Solo we ensure a test game without server and other players.

Nevertheless, we wish you a lot of fun and hope for your support to make Cybertronic to a complete game!


Fly Mode Control

W = Forward

S = Backward

A = Left

D = Right

C = Up

SPACE = Down

Q = Left Pitch

E = Right Pitch

TAB = Switch Stabilizer


 All Mode Control

ALT = Switch Movement Modes

Left Mouse Button = Fire

Right Mouse Button = Mark Targets

V = First / Third Person View

ESC = Open Menu

F = Switch Fire Modes

X = Get in/out vehicle




Walk Mode Control

W = Forward

S = Backward

A = Side Step Left

D = Side Step Right

W + SHIFT = Run / Snap on Wall

W + SHIFT + CTRL = Slide

SPACE = Jump