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A.S.C.A. Space Suit by Stefan Akin

ASCA Space Suit

The new redesign of the A.S.C.A space suit. By Stefan Akin.
The Magnetic High-Tech Boots in harmony with the Gravity Gloves give you the maximum accuracy in combat at every angle and every important surface. Universal slots on the back are available for a variety of jet packs. Biomechanical muscles, safety engines, an integrated A.I. with automatic medical emergency and self defense programs makes you to a perfect weapon in space.

Cybertronic Crowdfunding Campaign

Cybertronic Indiegogo
Now it’s time, our first Crowdfunding campaign, and this on Indiegogo. Of course we hope that the funding goal is achieved, but we also want to enlarge the community. It motivates us to see that gamers are enthusiastic about our game and because Indiegogo is also visited by  many gamers, we hope that they want to support us in some way. The page has become great, has many nice rewards, it’s full of  new concepts and  shows how we imagine the game expanded. Take a look, you will like it!


Congratulations, you are reading the first official Cybertronic post of this site.

Even if the site is not quite finished, we have for you screenshots, concept arts, videos, gameplay info and a short version of the story. We maintain the website on a regular basis,  so check it out now and then.

The Cybertonic Team wishes you a lot of fun.